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Ashley V Frye

I'm Ashley a psychic/medium who also has a passion for energy healing through crystals and Reiki. 

I believe in living every day in the most positive way possible. 

When I am receiving messages for my clients, I use a variety of ways of relaying the messages. 

I use clairvoyance (visions), clairaudience(hearing), Clair cognizance(knowing), and empathy (Feelings).

I find the connection and relay the information coming through so you can take what you need from the reading or session. 

I LOVE helping others heal and find their path.  

I know that it can be hard to find your right path.

I started taking spirit seriously ten years ago when I started to hire psychic/medium services for myself. 

I know through experience that messages help in real life every day, in some of the hardest times that we have. 

I love being able to deliver these beautiful meaningful messages to you.


Elk River, NC 

I love being in nature.

I believe that nature helps each and every one of us develop as a spiritual being.

I have always heard that Cardinals are loved ones in spirt coming to visit.

I have always believed that the cardinals represent my grandparents in spirit. 

Sometimes when we allow ourselves to re connect to nature, we allow ourselves to realign.

Being able to explore has really opened up my life personally to a magic that I forgot existed. 

I do find that if you are looking to propel yourself forward into your spiritual healing, nature is one of the biggest keys.

Being able to ground and really enjoy your life here on earth is one of the most beautiful things we get to experience as humans. 


Kicking Back enjoying mother nature. 2022

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