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 Ashley and I have been sharing our respective spiritual journey for several years now.  I continue to be amazed as I watch her align to her true self decision by intuitive decision.  I believe Ashely to have a true connection to spirit as well as the talent for delivering messages in an honest and unpretentious manner that instantly puts you at ease.  She is a kind and empathic soul using her talents to help those she can on both sides of the veil.


 I love when Ashley gives a reading. The clarity of the insights and her ability to share what she sees and how it’s coming thru is one of ease. She confirms and allows spirit to flow with her messages. I was so gifted when my grandma came thru. Reminding me of the joy of being a child. The love of song and dance and to play. Tears were shed in the remembrance, but love was very present. Thank you, Ashley, for connecting with my spirit guides and loved ones. I truly appreciate all that you do! 

Ashley has been reading my animals since I started getting readings in 2021. She knows the importance of your pet's health and happiness, and she has helped me maintain a balance with them.  She has helped me in leaps and bounds with my dog Barley who was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease earlier this year.  She was able to deliver what spirit needed me to know so that I could assist Barley with his health. (Like getting x-rays and blood work.) I was able to act swiftly against Barley's disease with Ashley s help.  I truly believe that Ashley is a conduit from the divine to help people like you and me live a better life on a daily basis.  Thank you, Ashley, for all that you do for us. 

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